July 20, 2009

Beastie Boys: Cancer kills Summer tour

A Cancerous tumor found on MCA's left parotid gland forced The Beastie Boys to shut down their summer tour. It'll also postponed the release of The Boys' new record, "Hot Sauce Committee," due out this fall.
"Adam "MCA" Yauch of Beastie Boys was diagnosed last week as having a cancerous tumor in his left parotid (salivary) gland. Luckily it was caught early and is localized in one area, and as such is considered very treatable. It will however require surgery and several weeks of additional treatment. Fortunately the cancer is not in a location that will affect Yauch's vocal chords." 
"I just need to take a little time to get this in check, and then we'll release the record and play some shows," Yauch said. "It's a pain in the neck (sorry had to say it) because I was really looking forward to playing these shows, but the doctors have made it clear that this is not the kind of thing that can be put aside to deal with later."

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