July 3, 2009

DJ Non-Chalant: Soulwaxed

I was able to trick Deejay Non-Chalant, a Philly spinster I'm buds with, to make a Soulwax mix tape the other day while waiting for the Phillies game to start. I considered it a trick because he wasn't really prepared for it, and it was a selfish way to get an 80-minute jam-out of my favorite band. If Soulwax heard the mix, they'd love it, mostly because their stuff's hard to get in the states and we control most of the real obscure remixes, concert footage, originals and mashups. It's not perfect. But it made for a wild 4 a.m. drive to this underground rave in the Philly badlands over the weekend. I hope you like it. (Just Click onto the Headline to download for free).
Here's the track listing:
1. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Mix)
2. Tiga - Mind Dimension 2 (Soulwax Mix)
3. Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Soulwax Mix)
4. Justice - Phantom Part 2 (Soulwax Mix)
5. Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax Mix)
6. Robbie Williams -Lovelight (Soulwax Mix)
7. Soulwax - Miserable Girl (Any Minute Now)
8. Soulwax - NY Lipps (Nite Versions)
9. Justice - NY Excuse (Live)
10. Soulwax - Another Excuse (Live)
11. Human Resource vs. 808 State - Dominator (Soulwax Mix)
12. Samantha Fu - Discotheque (Soulwax Mix)
13. LCD Soundsystem - Got Innocuous (Soulwax Mix)
14. Soulwax - E Talking (Nite Versions)
15. Soulwax - Accident and Compliments (Night Version)
16. Gorillaz - DARE (Soulwax Mix)
17. Mr. Oizo vs. Tone Loc - Flat Cold Medina (2 Many DJs Mix)
18. Sugarbabes - Round Round (Soulwax Mix)
19. Prodigy vs. Beck - Smaxxlaws (2 Manny DJs Mix)
20. Beatles vs. Kraftwerk - Tour DE Eleanor Rigby (2 Manny DJs Mix)
21. David Bowie - Rebel Rebel (Soulwax Mix)
22. MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Mix)

Revenge of the Nerds: Booger Presley on the mean guitar

Nerds! The No. 1 song I'd love to own on, but don't. Soulwax should remix it for me, too.
Revenge of the Nerds - Concert Scene

July 2, 2009

Bonde Do Role: Baile Babe Bouncing

My future ex-wife: Laura Taylor from Brazilian baile funksters, Bonde Do Role (Coachella 2008)

The Juan McClean: Disco Diva-ry

The Juan McClean have that fluffy DFA-style electro sound. Features this dude from Six Finger Satellite and these cool guy-girl lyrics in a modern disco vibe. Saw them at Webster Hall a few weeks back. Was awesome!  

N.A.S.A.: Intergalactic Grime Story

N.A.S.A.'s "Spirit Of Apollo" hold probably my album of the year right now. Here's why. Killer live show. Fatlip from The Pharcyde even showed up (although that video looked like poop). And a sweet blend of dance rock, electro, mashup culture and hip-hop. Check out the M.I.A. video on the ceiling of the tent at Coachella Festival where I shot this shortie in April. And the sexy alien dancers, too.

July 1, 2009

DJ Non-Chalant: Girl Talking

DJ Non-Chalant finished his "Girl Talking" mix tape last night. It's got all kinds of female sass.. Here it is. (just click on the headline) And let me know how you fee of its sexy goodness - good or bad - by leaving a comment.
Here's the track listing:

1.     Dane Cook – Guys Wanna Dance

2.     Sammy Bananas vs. Candyman – Calling All Ladies

3.     DJ Fame vs. Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music Dub

4.     Kelis – Bossy (Crookers Mix)

5.     Mary J. Blige – Real Love (Hot Dub Remix)

6.     Robin S vs. Laidback Luke – Show Me Love (Remix)

7.     Britney Spears – Circus (Diplo Mix)

8.     Madonna – Miles Away (Rebirth Remix)

9.     Britney Spears – If You See Amy (Crookers Remix)

10. Madonna vs. Britney Spears vs. Justice – Me Against the Music

11. MSTRKRAFT feat. Lil Mo – It Ain’t Love

12. Thunderheist – Bubblegum

13. Rye Rye vs. Count and Sinden – Hardcore Girls

14. Diplo feat. Rye Rye – Wassup Wassup (Samim Remix)

15. M.I.A. – Paper Planes (Scotty B Remix)

16. Audio Bullys feat. Nancy Sinatra – Shot You Down

17. Rye Rye and M.I.A. – Bang (Barak Carnival Remix by Barak Som Sistema)

18. Yo Majesty! – Club Action (Stanton Warriors Remix)

19. Ting Tings – Fruit Machine (Dave Spoon Mix)

20. Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time (Top Billin’ Remix)

21. Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted Snake (Discotech Mix)

22. Uffie – Ready to Uff Dub

23. Amanda Black – I Like You Better

24. Peaches – Take You On

25. Kelly Clarkson – Since You Been Gahan (DJ Earworm Mix)

26. Northern State – Better Already (Hired Goons BPC Mix)

27. Tegan & Sara – Back In Your Head (Morgan Page Mix)

28. Dane Cook – Girls Wanna Dance


Beastie Boys: New Style

Check out the cover of the new Beastie Boys record! Dude, looks like they mean business. Comes out in September. Gonna be awesome. The reissue of "Ill Communication" comes out July 14. Gonna get that, too. Even though I gots already, it'll be cool if they add "Mullet Head" to the reissue!

GWAR: Jobber vs. Jizzer

GWAR's not cartoon fighting anymore. No, these guys are throwing their weight around for real now, which is not too shabby for a 200-year-old intergalactic space schlock rocker like Oderus Urungus.

Check this out, the lead singer (term still used loosely after all these years on the mic) went - according to the photographs - giant penis-less when hitting the ring with former WCW/NWA jobber Tracy Smothers last week at the Schoenbaum Amphitheater in Charleston, W. Virginia. 

And he won the match, according to his publicist, who released the news last evening. Now, you have to remember, Smothers was always a joke - once staging a failed faux character that was one part Shaq, one part Ali. And that's about as jabroni as it gets. I often remembered him getting his ass kicked by Buff Bagwell all the time on lame Saturday night TBS wrestling shows.

“It wasn't too hard ... I just grabbed his neck, and choked. His eyeballs popped out of his skull. End of story,” Urungus said, noting that Smothers corpse was "quickly re-animated" by his "necrotic power." 

The two pledged to continue to wage their war as long as people “gave them money for it”.

“This is huge in Czechoslovakia,” said the still-bleeding Smothers.


The Field: Hyper Active

For those who say there's nothing to see at a techno show than a couple of dudes turning knobs and pushing buttons, welcome to the hypnotic, light-streaming, mind-expanding world of The Field. The Swedes are seen here opening for The Juan McClean at Webster Hall in New York at the end of June.

June 30, 2009

Presets: Major Lazers

It was a crazy idea, but Queens Mike and I saw The Presets - these Aussie electro-synth duo I've had a mad "bromance" with about one and half now - at Webster Hall a week before flying to California for April's Coachella. We already knew The Presets were playing out there, too, but wanted to see as many Coachella bands as we could before we left to avoid scheduling conflicts while out in the desert. Well, we made sure to watch the guys again at Coachella, the light show seen in this video answers the question, "Why?"  

Major Lazer: Ace of Bass

If anyone can resuscitate Ace of Base's career it's my man Diplo. The Philly native dropped "All That She Wants" at the sold out record-release party for his new Major Lazer project with Switch a few weeks back at S.O.B.'s in New York. The crowd went nuts (as I tried to catch it with the good 'ol video phone) and so did Queens Mike and myself. That dude will spin anything - with a straight face even.

Kool Keith: Pubic Enemy No. 1

If you don't know Kool Keith you're lame. And if you do know the rap supreme, you know he rolls unedited. Queens Mike and I caught the hip-hop legend at Johnny Brenda's in Philly April 3-4 when I caught him on tape asking the crowd if they ever smoked pubic hair. Yeah, pubic hair. It was only a small segment of a long rant where I think sex with zebras came up. I got some other spots from show on tape. I hope to post them today, too.