October 7, 2009

Leonard Cohen: Massive Converge

Saw Leonard Cohen howel shuffling between N.A.S.A. and Peanut Butter Wolf at April's Coachella Festival. Spooky stuff. Must have rubbed on a couple bands that just released new material.
It's been forever since Massive Attack recorded anything new. Well, the "Splitting the Atom" EP - out last Tuesday - isn't that much music, but it does have "Prayer For Rain." It's trip-hop, but with a shivering Cohen influences on the vocals. Tricky would be proud.
Salem slammers Converge went extra brutal on, "Axe To Fall" - out Oct. 20. But somehow Cohen inflected singer Jacob Bannon with the gloom ooze when recording "Cruel Bloom."

Joss Stone: Half-Time

Joss Stone's new album Colour Me Free comes out Oct. 20. Nas is on the track "Governmentalist." And of course the spits are sick. Great sounding record, too.
The Sharkskins (left) headline The Record Collector in Bordentown this weekend. Chaos In Gothem (bottom left) takes on Trenton's Championships Sports Bar and Grill Friday night. Both look to be good shows.

SiriOm and Friends

The Trenton spiritualist – getting lifted at The Record Collector (358 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown) tonight - strums two sets percussion-groovy Afro-centric folklore. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $10 in advance, $12 at the door. All-ages.

The James Popik Trio

The guitar virtuoso from Hopewell – doing a free gig at the Trenton Marriott (1 W. Lafayette St., Trenton) tomorrow evening - finds salvation in Eric Clapton-fused jazz-rock. Show runs from 5 to 9. All-ages.

Chaos In Gotham

The South Carolina smart-core shakers - headlining Championships Sports Bar and Grill (931 Chambers St., Trenton) tomorrow night - use melodic breakdowns, poetic squeals and random spoken word rants to get the message out that Boy Sets Fire, At The Drive In and Avail did their job influencing punk’s new young and the restless. Fans of The Refused and Texas Is the Reason should also take note. Show starts qt 9 p.m. Paths 2 Glory and The Mad Splatter, open. Tickets cost $8. 21-plus.

The Undead

As legend has it, the pro-pot former Misfit guitarist’s (Bobby Steele) spook-punk outfit re-constructed the lost Misfits record, “12 Hits From Hell,” in Halloween 2007, in spite of Glen Danzig and Jerry Only, who 30 years before scraped the record – and the future horror-core classics “Ghouls Night Out” and “I Turned Into A Martian” – after kicking Steele to the curb in exchange for Jerry Only’s little brother, Doyle. Well, that’s only punk rock folklore and history now. The Undead – headlining The Record Collector (358 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown) tomorrow night – have survived a postmortem of Steele’s past soured relationships (and three dead members) since the infamous exit from The Misfits, and many consider his band the driving force behind the notoriously raucous East Village hardcore scene of the early ’80s. Future Halloween classics will be the menu for tomorrow’s show, and promoters said a new CD would be available for purchase at the concert. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $10 in advance, $12 at the door. All-ages.

The Cryptkeeper Five

The iconic Trenton will get the zombie nation hip shaking to ’50s-style pulp-punk on Six Flags Great Adventure’s (1 Six Flags Blvd., Jackson) Dead and Local stage tomorrow night. Show starts at 7. Divinity Destroyed and The Vivid Twisted play too. Free with admission to the park. All-ages.

DJ Randy Now

Who keeps Regan-era music alive? Randy! Randy! Who throws their own birthday parties? Well … I do. But so does … Randy! Randy! The fez-sporting radio icon celebrates 53 at Jester’s CafĂ© (233 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown) tomorrow night by mixing it up as if skinny ties were in style. Sets start at 10. Free. 21-plus.

Kate Voegele

The Cleveland cutie-pie’s acoustic-pop melodies – on tap for tomorrow night’s hyped showcase at The Wonder Bar (1213 Ocean Ave., Asbury Park) - are often heard as the drama calms on the superficial teen TV show, “One Tree Hill.” Remember Vanessa Carlton? No? Well, that’s what Voegele sounds like – minus the piano tickling. Show starts at 5. Green River Ordinance and Matt Koziol, open. Tickets cost $16 in advance, $18 at the door. All-ages.

This City Is Monster Free!

It’s impossible to resist sugary-sweet, chorus cuddles like, “Staying with someone to nowhere fast. Just a couple Skittles on the side walk,” found of the Hamilton pop rocker’s rumpus revenge track, “Voldemort Ain’t Got S*** On Me.” Somewhere Green Jello metal meltdowns seep into the Discount-delivered powder-puff girl-punk, but there’s never been another Tilt, and that’s a good enough reason to hit up these guys at Championships Sports Bar and Grill (931 Chambers St., Trenton) Saturday afternoon. Show starts at noon. The Worst Is Yet To Come, A Lesser Evil, Floral Terrace, The Spin Room and Reckless round out the bill. Tickets cost $10. All-ages.


The prog-funk flyer’s mesmerizing jam-boree slides into McGuinn’s Place (1781 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence) on Saturday night. That’s three-hour of dancing, bra. Show starts at 10. Tickets cost $5. 21-plus.

The Royal Blues

The female-fronted Hopewell band – headlining The All Call Inn (214 Weber Ave., Ewing) Saturday night – play moody, Memphis-style rhythm and blues that’s as inspired by Bessie Smith as it is by Janis Joplin. Show starts at 9. Tickets cost $5. 21-plus.

The Sharkskins

The Philly “beach bingo beatniks,” opening for The Rip Chords at The Record Collector (358 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown) on Saturday night, play slick surf music a la The Bomboras and Los Straightjackets. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $14 in advance, $16 at the door. All-ages.


The masked industrial-metal minions of Mushroom Head drop into Championships Sports and Grill (931 Chambers St., Trenton) Sunday afternoon with an angry – and ear-mutilating - new record, “American Survival Guide Vol. 1.” The combo of sinister synths, anvil-crushing percussion and horror-film sound effects gives off a Ramstein, Nine Inch Nails and Slipnot vibe. Show starts at 1 p.m. Helltrash, Triggered Impulse, Ashes of Your Enemy, Circle Down, The Kill Gene, Last (Red) Ember, Generation Empty, NoN-SToP! and Among the Forgotten open. Tickets cost $10 in advance, $12 at the door. All-ages.

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Eastern State Pen: Ghouls Night Out

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia hosts the country's
top haunted house.
Don't know if this ghoul is a girl or a boy, but boy did it
scare the hell out of me!
Thankfully, the bars protected me
from this monster!
Says our host:
"No, Flash Photography, or I'll Eat Your Brains!"
Talk about zombie pit stains! Geeezzzz!
Eastern State Penitentiary, a 180 year old prison a few blocks from the Philadelphia Art Museum in downtown Philly, gets its Halloween makeover every Halloween. Terror Behind the Walls - considered by AOL.com as the best Haunted House in America - transforms the already documented ghost house into a zombie infested psycho ward. The extinct prison has become notorious over the years for it's numerous ghost sightings and as a place where Chicago gangster Al Capone spent eight months locked up in 1929-30, but around the City of Brotherly Love, the now museum has become a must-see stop for people looking to get the shit scared out of them when it matter much - around Halloween.
Last Friday, On the Beat got to experience the fright fest for the first time. And, let just say, that place is scary enough, even with the added special effects. This is not you brother's haunted hayride. It's a half-hour tour - split up into a few sections, including a haunted infirmary and prison where caged spooks in pitch black conditions makes for a scary walk through. The highlight remains the 3D hallways where the walls come alive right before you eyes and the dark and dusty halls where a trusty flashlight - you must give back, damn - are no match to the monsters that seem to pop out behind every walls.
It's worth the admission price of between $20 and $30.
Ewwwww .... puss man, cometh!