October 7, 2009

Eastern State Pen: Ghouls Night Out

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia hosts the country's
top haunted house.
Don't know if this ghoul is a girl or a boy, but boy did it
scare the hell out of me!
Thankfully, the bars protected me
from this monster!
Says our host:
"No, Flash Photography, or I'll Eat Your Brains!"
Talk about zombie pit stains! Geeezzzz!
Eastern State Penitentiary, a 180 year old prison a few blocks from the Philadelphia Art Museum in downtown Philly, gets its Halloween makeover every Halloween. Terror Behind the Walls - considered by AOL.com as the best Haunted House in America - transforms the already documented ghost house into a zombie infested psycho ward. The extinct prison has become notorious over the years for it's numerous ghost sightings and as a place where Chicago gangster Al Capone spent eight months locked up in 1929-30, but around the City of Brotherly Love, the now museum has become a must-see stop for people looking to get the shit scared out of them when it matter much - around Halloween.
Last Friday, On the Beat got to experience the fright fest for the first time. And, let just say, that place is scary enough, even with the added special effects. This is not you brother's haunted hayride. It's a half-hour tour - split up into a few sections, including a haunted infirmary and prison where caged spooks in pitch black conditions makes for a scary walk through. The highlight remains the 3D hallways where the walls come alive right before you eyes and the dark and dusty halls where a trusty flashlight - you must give back, damn - are no match to the monsters that seem to pop out behind every walls.
It's worth the admission price of between $20 and $30.
Ewwwww .... puss man, cometh!

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