August 14, 2009

Honah Lee: A Loss For Words

Photo Michelle Lawlor
Trenton rockers Honah Lee host its Rock 'n' Roll Record Release and Dance Party Friday night in Trenton. The show is free. So go!
So my favorite band in Trenton, Honah Lee, has this new record coming out of Friday, and I was lucky enough to get an early listen. "A Loss For Words" reminds my of an Arctic Monkeys track. It has this cool Brit-pop feel to it, which explains the collective mind-frame of each of the guys in the band. The four members have been major contributors to the Trenton music scene for a very long time in bands like Philo, The Dead Flowers and The Frantic, so hearing some of those British invasion ideas come to fruition on the first single from the album, shows that the party-pop side of Philo has taken a side-step for more melodic, even snottier new compositions. Other songs I've heard from the guys recently still has that slacker mentality - something we saw in Philo's history - and that's OK with me. But it's still refreshing to hear something left of circle - and left of the dial - from a band that could help break the Trenton music scene. 
In the meantime, here's a free download of "A Loss For Words" for you to download. It'll help you prepare for Friday night's free, all-ages bash at Maxines (120 S. Warren St.) in Trenton. 

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