August 5, 2009

Rob Swift: All Points Mix Fest

New York cut chemist Rob Swift put on a clinic at last weekend's All Points West Music & Arts Festival in Jersey City.
And no one even knew he was there.
Here's what happened, as I was strolling through the festival grounds Saturday I overheard someone by the State Farm announcing The X-Ecutioner was in the house and doing a live set. Now, I've paid big bucks to see Rob do his turntable juggles in the past, and if what he was saying was the truth and not just a ploy to lure me into the tent, I knew I was in for a treat.
So there Rob was, two turntables and all. And he burned up those tables, too - mixing up rock tracks and cutting and pasting urban calypso. It was a rare treat to see him do his thing up close and personal. Check out the video clip below. 
Rob Swift gets the Led out. Check out that fancy turntable work.

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