September 2, 2009

Chairlift: Massive Attack

Slinky Chairlift singer Caroline Polachek made her directorial debut for the synth-pop trio's new single, "Ceiling Wax." According to Brooklynite's people, Polachek brought in her sister for the sexy interpretive dance you can check out below.
As you can hear, the song's too dark to sell Nano iPods like "Bruises" did. But there aren't too many on "Does You Inspire You" that do. Anyone who saw them at All Points West (photo left) last month felt the group's bass-bin barrages cave in their chest. Had they not be from New York and so appealing to look at live, you could suggest that Chairlift - playing Kung Fu Necktie on Sunday in Philadelphia - can in fact fill the void in the indie trip-hop. Don't see a little Massive Attack, Tricky or Portishead in the bunch. Some of the darker songs go that way. 

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