October 14, 2009

Deadmau5 - Mau5-ing Around

The promoters of the Electric Zoo Festival at Randall's Island last month really missed the boat as far as picking groups to headline the event. We're talking about a mega techno party in the city that never sleeps and the best they could good was cookie-cutter Euro trance deejays like Armin Van Boring. Sorry guys, but a Hot Chip deejay set is just not gonna cut it. Now, if you got Soulwax, Justice or for Christ sake a live Hot Chip performance to headline one of the stages, maybe I'd buy a ticket.
Now while there was no way I'd hit up this event, Deadmau5's set from that weekend was pretty kick ass. A download of his performances was aired live on XM radio and recently found it way into the blog universe. Techno the way it's supposed to be spun, Deadmau5 tosses in a few surprises in the mix, including the theme to the old NES game "The Legend of Zelda" and that infamous "Fuck It! Do It Live" rant from Bill O'Reilly. Good stuff ... and dance your ass off.

1 comment:

  1. your a dumbass armin van buuren is the #1 rated on dj mag, justice sucks my balls and so do you. I'm happy you werent at the event because u don't deserve it. If u jump out a window though I think we'd all appreciate it, thanks for your shitty opinions!