December 2, 2009

Hot Chip: Taking It All In

Pretty excited to hear new robot love-making tunage from Hot Chip. The new record, One Life Stand, comes out in February with a tour following. That means an almost certain Coachella appearance. Hopefully this time around they'll be on the main stage were the sound and sights are better than the dance tent. They'll probably end up in the tent though as usual, in the spot held last year by Presets and not during the day where it's way too hot to do it, do it, do it now. Better lights are in order, too. And that's what night brings to the Indio mega fest.
The songs leaked so far so pretty good. Will remind you of the smooth sounds off The Warning, rather than the electro abrasions of 2008's Made in the Dark. Both are awesome albums nonetheless, so One Life Stand is expecting to be just as radical.

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