February 11, 2010

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra: Big Sound, Eh!

Canadians Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra drop their "Lollaps Tradixionales" album on Feb. 16.
Got a lot of music to absorb as I pace myself between shoveling and more shoveling. Got the new Massive Attack. And some new Hot Chip. But its the psychedelic rock fuzz out slivering through Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra's "Kollaps Tradixionales" that's snow-blowing me today. It's Canadian, so it's as expected ... weird. But I like it's modernized gypsy-music feel, it's hallowed singing structure, dark-aged chatting, sonic thust and refurbished '60s acid-rock, attack-the-brain-from-all-angles-(and the kitchen sink of musical experimentation)-energy. No tour dates in the states yet, but that could change. In the meantime check out, "Kollaps Tradicional (Bury 3 Dynamos)" below. RIYL: Black Mountain, Portugal.theMan, Dearhoof, Jac. - Scott Frost

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