March 4, 2010

Dillinger Escape Plan - Insane to the Mem-brain

Morris Plain's Dillinger Escape Plan keep drop the crazies on us as we await the release of the math-metal maniac's new CD, "Option Paralysis," - set to drop March 23. "Farewell, Mona Lisa" is the first single and video. It's nuts, spazzy and hectic. What else would you expect from the DEP? Pretty phyched that they'll be at Coachella Festival in April. In an interview I did with the guys a few years back, I mentioned that Dillinger was listed as appearing at the mega concert on one of those fake posters that always "leak" before the lineup was annouced. I remember them saying something in effect of that they were cool enough to be at one of those shows. Enjoy the video - it's a scorcher!


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  1. Your blog is nothing but cheesy YouTube videos and photos that you stole from Google Images.
    The layout and design don't compliment it either. Half of these images I bet you didn't even take. It's just too much content for such a good blog. If you change the layout and design and lessen the content it will turn out good. And start putting more photos that you took-not AP or Trenton stock that other people's kids took