July 1, 2010

Passion Pit: Electric Feelings

Passion Pit were smoking at Mann Music Center last weekend.
Photos/Article by Scott Frost
PHILADELPHIA - Cash was flying at Passion Pit's show at the Mann Music Center on June 27. And that's probably because the Massachusetts' synth-rock outfit were money.
"Seriously you should be throwing twenties," said Michael Angelakos when a few dollar bills hit the stage a few songs into the set. He gave the money back to some lad in the front row.
Later on, more money continued to hit the singer.
"This is embarrassing," he said. "You make me feel like a stripper."
It was Passion Pit's second show in Philly. And it should be noted that while the band was selling out mid-size venues last summer in New York while establishing themselves as future festival party starters - they played a 7 p.m. at Coachella in April (sorry guys, was watching The Specials) - Passion Pit were packing the tiny First Unitarian Church. Heard it was an intimate show.
"We never played a venue like this before," Angelakos gushed.
"This is ridiculous," he said later on. "We played the basement of a church last time."
The Mann is one of the biggest venues in the city and is only open during the summer. They have a great lineup this summer, too. Seeing Faith No More there on Saturday. Totally phyched!
Shameless plug!
OK, back to the show!
The band's set was electric. No one stayed in their seat, as the aisles were filled with dancers whose gyrations ignored the fact that it was a sticky night in Philly with temperatures into the '80s with a humidity level that causes beads of sweat to Doppler all into you liquid refreshments. It poured during the set, but nobody noticed. Concertgoers only cared about the lightning - the strobes, sick light show and smoke - happening on the stage.
Passion Pit played nearly the entire "Manners" LP with the highlight coming in closer "Little Secrets." Even by then it was hard to find anyone not in full party mode, as they belted the "Higher and Higher" refrain.
Kicking myself for leaving after that song, as the guys - according to internet reports - played a cover of The Cranberries "Dreams." Did hear "Sleepy Head" while walking to the car.
Tokyo Police Club opened, and were awesome as usual. "Champ" is the Canadian rockers' sophomore record. It's in heavy rotation right now. It seemed that the guys got the open-band treatment as their garage-rock shuffles were turned up a bit too loud. Still, a solid performance, but not as good as a similar set from Coachella - which was an awesome main stage daytime set to say the least. A day later TPC featured the single "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)" on "Late Night With David Letterman."

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