July 23, 2010

Virgil is tooooo sweeeet ... when begging for money

WWE valet Virgil shakes hands with On The Beat Editor Scott Frost. He was selling his autographs for $15 and posing for pictures.
CONEY ISLAND, NY - A former WWE valet tells On the Beat he too sees the comparisons of LeBron James' banding with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh for the Miami Heat next season to Hulk Hogan's decision to turn heel and join the nWo in 1996.
Virgil, real name Mike Jones, was selling his soul on the Coney Island Boardwalk last Saturday when he was stopped by On the Beat and asked about the comparison.
Virgil, best known as Ted "The Million Dollar Man" DiBiase's money holder/manager/indentured servant for the then WWF in the '80s and ''90s, was a valet for the nWo - taking the brunt of most battles as he was usually thrown to the wolves as a decoy so that the rest of the crew was able to sneak in for the kill. He was one of a few jobbers for the nWo and was thought to be out of wrestling. He's back on WWE TV now, though, in a feud with Ted's kid. "I'm going to take Ted's title at Wrestlemania," Virgil said in the only promo I ever heard him do.
At first Virgil didn't see the correlation between the Hulkster's move to the NwO and LeBron's evil switch over to the Wade's Heat.
"Nah," Virgil said, when asked the question.
"But you know what," he said after pondering for a minute. "I can see that.
"But he's going to bring home a title."
Found it a bit surprising that Virgil hadn't heard the comparison. It had been a topic of juxtaposition among sports morning shows and on the net (see some funny videos below - thanks to Queens Mike, who's also pictured shaking Virgil's hand).
Well, he had been hit in the head a few times - maybe even more than your average wrestler. He's Canadian, too.

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