August 5, 2010

STS9 “Axe The Cable”: a must listen.


Staff Writer

STS9’s latest album, “Axe The Cable,” has one of the most relaxed feels of any album that I’ve ever listened to.

The album has a sort of soulful sound when you listen to it. It causes you to go back in time and think about all of the good things that happened to in your lifetime.

The smooth and urban-y dispatch of their new hit songs like “New Soma,” “The Following,” “Dem Be,” “Re Stereo,” and the other 16 songs on the album literally melted and brought my heart and soul back into the 1960s.

STS9 is making a lot of waves. The band has some very awesome vibes to it. I would classify them as “urban contemporary.” I share this feeling with my boss, Scott Frost. He also thinks the band has a soulful sound and smooth vibes, but also like the trance elements and explosive live show.

I would recommend this album to anyone who likes urban contemporary music with a smooth jazz feel.

Any way you put it, STS9 should stand for “Sounds Too Smooth Now.”

My pick of the album is Track 9, entitled “Lo Swaga”.

STS9 will be performing August 14 at the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. For more information visit

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