July 28, 2009

Honah Lee: All Wasted

(Photo by Michelle Lawlor)
Honah Lee's new album drops August 14. They also headline a free show in Trenton that night.
Is there a better band in Trenton than Honah Lee? Probably not. And the former Philo, Frantic and Dead Flowers players are going places. Just heard their new track, "Loss For Words," from their upcoming "Anywhere But Here," and it shows a new melodic vibe with four voices sharing in on the intoxicated wordplay. Nice stuff. I asked the guys if I could post the new track, and got the quick, "hold off, son!" Instead, they dropped off the track, "Sobered, So Bored!" into my inbox. It's off the "We're All Wasted" compilation coming out of New York City. The new release drops August 14. Check out their MySpace page for more tunes to tickle your ears. And feel free to download the new track here: "Sobered, So Bored!"


  1. Probably not a better band in Trenton then Honah Lee? You have to be fucking kidding me.

  2. Honah Lee raped my grandmother, cut off my dog's legs and stuffed him in my mailbox, and showed little brother what a 'creampie' is. FUCK HONAH LEE!!!

  3. I agree, they suck!! Towers Open Fire, now THAT's a band you can blow your daddy to!

  4. I had them play my barmitzvah. They really shouldn't have fucked rabbi.