August 21, 2009

Simian Mobile Disco: Rave Rip-Off

There's been a nice build up to the new Simian Mobile Disco on On the Beat Beat.
The Brit techno junkies hit up Philly in April to try out new jams from "Temporary Pleasure" and we were there throwing our hands in the air.
Then, with the first single "Audacity of Huge" leaked to the blog world for everyone to enjoy, we had resident spinster Deejay Non-Chalant open his Meatballs 2 mix tape with the electro banger. Download the mix tape here.
Now, with the record expected to hit the states on Tuesday, we waited 'till midnight to snag "Temporary Pleasure" off iTunes and let it rock our faces off. But nooooo!!! The guys released the new disc - to Europe! What about us on the states side. We get jiggy, too! 
It looks like we have to wait two more weeks before it comes to America. And that's just lame. So what we've done here is let our loyal readers get a taste of the record's more sought after track for free here On the Beat. It's called "Bad Blood" and features Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip. We're also giving you a new remix of "Audacity of Huge" for you to rock out too. Enjoy!

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