August 15, 2010

Flavor Flav - Yo! Bum Rushing The Show

Flavor Flav performs at The Trocadero Theatre in Philly, Aug. 13, 2010.
PHILADELPHIA – Kevin Kolb better watch his back, because Public Enemy No. 1 thinks Michael Vick should be the Eagles’ No. 1. Old school rap icon turned reality star, Flavor Flav, stumped for the convicted canine killer and Philadelphia’s back-up quarterback on Saturday night a few songs into Public Enemy’s set at The Trocadero Theatre in Philly’s Chinatown. Never to dodge controversy, Flav – draped in a black Eagles No. 7 jersey and backwards Yankees baseball cap - received a mix of boos and cheers when flicking the corner of his Vick jersey. “Yo! You know what?” Flav asked the male-dominated crowd of mostly thirtysomethings. “I’m wearing this because Mike Vick is my favorite player.” “And I think he’s the guy to lead the Philadelphia Eagles,” the wild-eyed hype man said before – interestingly enough - busting into his solo joint, “911 Is A Joke.” Public Enemy – Flav (real name William Drayton Jr.), Chuck D and Professor Griff - was in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary since the release of their controversial album, “Fear of a Black Planet.” Backed with a full band, PE started the set with the first few songs of that classic LP, before busting out a collection of hits (including “Burn Hollywood Burn,” “Bring The Noise,” and “I Can’t Do Nuthin’ For Ya Man”) and new tracks featured on the Internet at Chuck D – wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat and camouflage shorts instead of the Phillies cap he sported in the infamous “Fight The Power” video – said from the stage on Saturday that Philadelphia was the first city outside of New York to give Public Enemy any “love.” He noted the group’s arena tour with The Beastie Boys that landed in the Philadelphia Spectrum in 1987 as one of the more memorable stops, but made sure to point out that concert was not the first in the city. Public Enemy played a club date with The Ultramagnetic MCs a few months before hitting the road with the Beasties, he said. Special guests included Philly hardcore legend School D, who flowed out two tracks – “PSK” and “Parkside 552.” Cali rap queen Yo-Yo was also in the house. She played an impromptu version of her hit, “You Can’t Play With My Yo-Yo.” DJ Lord covered for original deejay, Terminator X, yet the crew still rolled out “Terminator X to the Edge of Panic.” Public Enemy ended the night with “Fight The Power” and “Night of the Livin’ Baseheads.”

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