August 18, 2010

More Public Enemy ... Live from the Troc

Public Enemy celebrated the 20th Anniversary of "Fear of a Black Planet" at The Trocadero Theatre in Philly, Aug. 13.

My journalist feelers were on such high alert on Saturday, I nearly forgot that there was an actual show to cover. So here's the photos from the show - which was awesome by the way.

Some of you might have heard On the Beat via The Trentonian newspaper reporting about Flavor Flav stumping for Philadelphia Eagles No. 2 quarterback Michael Vick. Well that was the sensational reporter in me coming out. The hip-hop fan in me is glad to report that PE can still "Yo! Bum Rush the Show." They played every song you ever wanted to hear - including hidden gems from their career discography you'd never heard them do before. "911 Is A Joke," "Burn Hollywood Burn" and "Can't Do Nothin' For You Me" top my list.

Yo-Yo (pictured below) was back stage for some unexplained reason. So she came out and did an impromptu rendition of "You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo."

Awesome show!

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