August 15, 2010

Poor Righteous Teaching @ McGuinn's Place

Photo by Scott Frost
Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers rips up the mic at McGuinn's Place on Aug. 14.

Wise Intelligent from Kell Ramos on Vimeo.

Wise Intelligent performed at McGuinn's Place in Lawrence Saturday night.

Here's his new video, which he rocked last night.

He's just an amazing emcee ... with the whitest deejay.

Huh, white deejay? Yeah, I was shocked when I looked to my right and saw Mr. Diffy Productions, Cameron Ferrara, working the board for the Trenton hip-hop legend.

Wise must be in-between selectors. Not like Mr. Diffy had to do too much. Wise showed up with a disc of beats - all of which he totally fucking tore up!

My favorites Trenton emcees Roebus One and Raymond Strife of To Live & Die in NJ rocked the mic, too. Those guys got some serious skills!


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